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Do you notice the spot patterns between the gills? It is a shallow, sandy area with a lump of coral where mantas congregate. Raja Ampat Shark and Manta Sanctuary: protecting over 1 million acres . We can see here the ventral spot pattern (unique to each manta ray) as well as the sex and the lack of any kind of injuries.Image by Debbie Arriaga, Our Ocean Images. Manta Homestay, Pulau Arborek, Raja Ampat. Image donated by Dr Andrea Marshall, MMF. Recording over 700 individual oceanic manta rays in the Birds Head Seascape, The first use of acoustic and satellite tags in Indonesia to monitor movement of individuals over time, The creation of a nationwide fishing ban on manta rays in Indonesia, The creation of the Raja Ampat Shark and Manta Sanctuary, Population dynamics of oceanic manta rays (Mobula birostris) in the Raja Ampat Archipelago, West Papua, Indonesia, and the impacts of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation on their movement ecology (2019), Spatial ecology and conservation of Manta birostris in the Indo-Pacific (2016). Calvin is an English marine biologist and PADI instructor who fell in love with Indonesia during a summer work trip while at university. Join us for one of our manta dive and share with us your picture of manta’s belly! We see the more discrete Giant mantas mostly at Blue magic and Cape Kri. Manta Ridge Raja Ampat dive site. 3 x On beach - Private bungalow. All Rights Reserved. Its nutrient rich waters allow the flourishing of marine life. Image donated by MMF. Located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in the province of West Papua, Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, caves, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo and the smaller island of Kofiau. ecosphere: Manta Ray (Raja Ampat) Your model is disabled. Manta and devil rays are targeted for their gills, they are dried and sold as traditional Chinese medicines. Visually stunning encounters with some of the most graceful creatures in the Ocean, the manta ray. Raja Ampat or ‘Four Kings’ is a true divers paradise, a wonderland lost in time, incredible natural beauty dominates above and below the blue waters; steep jungle covered limestone islands, stunning white sand beaches, hidden lagoons, and dense mangrove forests combine to create over 9.8 million acres of National Park. A video of a giant manta ray sighting at Indonesia’s stunning Raja Ampat islands reminds us what’s at stake this World Oceans Day. Video stitching by Ivan Roslyakov. As part of an elaborate courtship ritual, female manta rays lead males on a wild chase through the sea. Conservation through Research, Education & Collaboration, The Global Mobulid Conservation Programme. Now it is one of Raja Ampat most famous dive sites! Image by Debbie Arriaga, Our Ocean Images, Giant manta (Mobula birostris) seen from the belly. The dive site is a popular manta ray cleaning station that attracts groups of mantas. It is also the best place in the world to observe melanistic mantas (black mantas). There are trips in Raja Ampat, Ambon and Sangalaki as well as crossing trips between these locations visiting Lembeh and the Ring of Fire - … Rays are smart and peaceful animals that like to interact with divers. He founded the Manta Project while working in Komodo in 2010 and began working in Raja Ampat the following year. DonateGet InvolvedJoin Us For A Special Trip!About Raja AmpatOur ProjectsWho We AreRaja Ampat SEA Centre is a conservation initiative established by Papua Explorers Resort. These represent 41% of the manta population. It’s true, this is a great site for diving or snorkeling with manta … Then we observe the magical hovering of those giants while tiny fishes meticulously clean them. The Blue Manta can hold up to 22 guests in one of the 14 beautifully furnished cabins that span three decks. It is also the best place in the world to observe melanistic mantas (black mantas). An example of feeding behavior. Now we present 360 video, filmed in Pacific Ocean, near Raja Ampat archipelago of Indonesia. PHORIA. Papua Explorers Foundation together with the Marine Megafauna Foundation is running a research programme on manta rays’ population in Raja Ampat. If you are lucky, you might for example observe them feeding into circle or again chasing each other in a mating ballet. Most reef Mantas are dark on the top and light on the bottom, but those in Raja Ampat are dark on both sides. It engages local community members and international guests in collecting essential data to understand the complex and still poorly known manta rays’ ecology and behavior. Even when we thought we wont see them, they will always appear from somewhere to make your dive worthwhile. Ein australischer Biologe zählte während eines einzigen Tauchgangs vor Kri Island über 280 Fischarten! 1 talking about this. They are also caught accidentally in fishing nets or line, inflecting severe wounds or death. Image by Debbie Arriaga, Our Ocean Images, Reef manta (Mobula alfredi) seen from the belly. But some black (melanistic) and white (leucistic) polymorphs also exists. In fact, manta rays use their cephalic fins to direct plankton directly into their mouth. Here is an example of a perfect manta ID picture of a male reef manta. Most of the mantas are black on their back and white on their belly. A room in a bungalow with 2 or more rooms and … Contact Sophie Azam, our manager at SEA Centre – Papua Explorers Foundation. Raja Ampat, CNN Indonesia -- Nuansa biru kehijauan langsung menyergap ketika memasuki air laut di sekitar Arborek, Raja Ampat, Papua Barat. All you have to do is to wait peacefully and enjoy the show. We saw more mantas during snorkeling around the area than we were scuba diving, but it was a good dive site. Did you know that Raja Ampat hosts the largest known population of melanistic manta rays?Image by Debbie Arriaga, Our Ocean Images. These represent 41% of the manta population. For business / Cancel. Do you notice the “T shape” black pattern surrounded by the bright white color? Earlier we published split panoramas of manta rays on Maldives with the story of shooting. To prevent overcrowding and protect the mantas, there are regulations governing tourism at Manta Sandy. During our Blue Manta 2018 Christmas trip we had a very special guest onboard, Alrescha Aji Damiri, who is 9 years old and from Jakarta was lucky enough to join our guests and crew in the beautiful waters of Raja Ampat, enjoying some amazing experiences both in the water and onboard. Kepulauan Raja Ampat merupakan rangkaian empat gugusan pulau yang berdekatan dan berlokasi di barat bagian Kepala Burung (Vogelkoop) Pulau Papua.Secara administrasi, gugusan ini berada di bawah Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Provinsi Papua Barat.Kepulauan ini sekarang menjadi tujuan para penyelam yang tertarik akan keindahan pemandangan bawah lautnya. Anyway, we can actually see manta rays anywhere in the Dampier strait during the manta season! This Reef manta observed near the island of Wai has probably been tangled in a fishing line, leading to the loss of her left cephalic fin. Giant manta (Mobula birostris) seen from the top. In other locations in Indonesia, manta rays have become locally extinct due to fisheries pressure. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, housing a significant part of the coral triangle and has the highest fish biodiversity recorded globally. Today, it even becomes more popular among travelers. This allows a safe diving with a minimum impact on manta rays. Raja Ampat’s Unterwasserwelt beherbergt nicht nur einige der wohl schönsten und dichtesten Korallenriffe der Welt, auch die Vielfältigkeit der Flora und Fauna ist kaum erreicht. He soon became the first person to use acoustic and satellite telemetry to monitor movement patterns of individuals and through this research provided the government ministries of Indonesia the data needed to push forward legislation protecting manta rays at a national level in the entire archipelago. 3D Model. Of course, you must respect their space. We can observe them both at cleaning stations located inside the Dampier Strait, but rarely together. They use various feeding strategies. In Raja Ampat there are multiple sites where divers and snorkelers alike can watch oceanic and reef mantas clean and interact together, thus is it of great importance to protect this area from unsustainable fishing practices. Diving in Raja Ampat. 2. Manta rays are found throughout Indonesia in areas of upwelling nutrient-rich water. You can notice a dark mouth, no spot between the gills but large spots right under the gills and smaller ones between the gills and the tail. Manta Sandy is the most popular manta ray dive and snorkel site in Raja Ampat. The greatest threats for the conservation of mantas and more largely the family of mobulids are target and incidental fisheries. Blue Manta Liveaboard is a large, steel-hulled, purpose-built vessel for long haul cruises offers stress-free dive holidays Komodo, Raja Ampat, Banda Sea Coronavirus (COVID-19): Please note that scheduled liveaboard departures and availability listed online may not be accurate. Raja Ampat sudah lama dikenal dengan pemandangan bawah lautnya yang memanjakan. Here, Raja Ampat benefits of 8 marine protected areas (MPA). premium. Raja Manta Explorer - Raja Ampat Itinerary. We continue to work on predicting manta ray movements, specifically under the threats of global climate change and how to best protect these majestic animals in the future. In Eastern Indonesia lies the area known as Raja Ampat, this hotspot of diversity is one of the only places in the world where both species are resident. Reef Manta Rays. The best time to visit Raja Ampat if you’re keen to dive is September to April, when manta rays cruise in and the waters are calm, but at almost any time of year this region is a treat, with a steady climate and warm, clear seas. The data from these sightings has been used to legislate against fishing manta rays in Indonesia and helped create a nationwide fishing ban in 2014. Based at the resort, we are dedicated to conserving Raja Ampat’s marine life through Science, Education & Awareness. During co-operative feeding, one manta will swim behind another and catch the zooplankton that jumps out of the way of the first manta, straight into the mouth of the second manta.Image donated by Dr Andrea Marshall, MMF. Among the most impressive ones barrel roll feeding, bottom feeding, chain feeding or again cyclone feeding. In October 2010, the Misool team successfully petitioned the regional government to protect sharks and rays across the entire 1 million acres/40,000 sq km of Raja Ampat. Bahkan ada titik khusus untuk berenang bersama ikan pari, namun tahukah sobat traveler bahwa ada beberapa aturan menyelam di Manta Sandy Raja Ampat. A code of conduct displays the good practices that boats and divers should adopt. Kepulauan Wayag terletak di Desa Waigeo Barat, Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Papua Barat. However, those found in Raja Ampat are very unique. Volunteers joining an expedition are highly likely to see manta rays while diving in the area. Additionally patrols ensure the respect of those rules. This area is the second reef manta nursery area to be discovered in Raja Ampat, after of course the Wayag lagoon (located in the north-western part of Raja Ampat). A code of conduct ensures the adoption of good practices by divers and snorkelers and a minimum impact for manta rays. Just let them come to you! Raja Ampat is known as the global epicenter of marine biodiversity. Both species of manta; Reef and Oceanic (Mobula alfredi & Mobula birostris) are found in Indonesia however they are rarely seen together. This season, we witnessed there more than 100 individuals at the same time! 27 October 2018 Find out what there is to enjoy here and read expert tips from our Raja Ampat expert. A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. Reef mantas are the first ones we can encounter (October-March) while the Giant mantas usually arrive later (February-may). Discovering such a nursery area is very important for conservation efforts for this vulnerable species. It was my fifth day diving in Raja Ampat when I saw some Manta Rays. RAJA AMPAT MANTA PROJECT Established 2010. Concerned about the increasing interest for manta diving, Papua Explorers Eco Resort and several other local actors initiated the creation of the Manta Sandy Patrol Station, near the famous Manta Sandy cleaning station. Most of our manta dive site are located between 15 and 30 minutes away from the resort. Papua Explorers Dive Resort is located in one of the most famous one of the region, the Dampier straight MPA. Video by Alexey Tishchenko. Manta rays have disproportionately large brain compared to their body weight (ten times larger than a whale shark’s!). The best manta spots in Raja Ampat. They can be found in Bali, Flores and around Raja Ampat. The Raja Ampat Manta Project is working with you - citizen scientists to collect photo-ID’s and manages a population database of over 700 oceanic mantas. Images and information © 2021 The Manta Trust unless otherwise stated. The 36m KM Raja Manta (formerly M/V White Manta) is a luxury liveaboard scheduling year round diving cruises to the waters surrounding the Banda Sea, Raja Ampat and Sangalaki of … raja ampat, indonesia. This would make them one of the most intelligent marine species! We don’t know yet why filter feeders would develop such an extraordinary brain. During our dives, we position ourselves outside of cleaning stations. I was told were at least three of them swimming close to the shore. Manta rays now benefit from an international protection, with the inclusion of both species in CMS (Convention on Migratory Species) (Appendix 1 and 2) in 2011 and in CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) (Appendix 2) in 2013. Manta rays usually follow the northwest monsoons, from October/November to April/May, when deep-water upwelling trigger plankton blooms. Best time to visit Raja Ampat. You can differentiate those two species mostly by the color and shape of the pattern on their back. This is a very popular manta cleaning station off the southwest side of Gam Island. Raja Ampat Crossword Puzzle – Just for Fun, Papua Explorers Eco Resort – The Beginning, Papua Explorers Reopening for Domestic Tourism, Coconuts in Raja Ampat – Delicious and Versatile. Raja Ampat is one of the few places in the world where visitors can observe both species. Reef manta (Mobula alfredi) from the top. Biaya wisata Raja Ampat untuk menyewa kapal ini dipatok tarif Rp. Raja Ampat and the Birds Head Seascape, found to the west of Papua mainland is a biological hotspot where deep water upwellings bring nutrient rich, plankton filled water up to the surface. Here they also meet for social interactions like playing or mating. Accordingly, Raja Ampat has more than 75% of the world’s coral reef species and more than 1600 species of reef fishes. Manta rays are the largest rays in the world. Both manta rays are listed on the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Red List of threatened species as Vulnerable. Most of them visit Raja Ampat to explore the underwater beauty, as many dive sites are available there. With especially developed areas for learning, problem solving and communicating. Rooms. 0 Like. Manta rays are a fairly common sight on Raja Ampat liveaboard safaris but Manta Ridge is one of the most reliable places to see them, and see them in large numbers.. Manta Ridge is located between Mansuar Island and Airborei Island. Having witnessed first-hand the targeted mobulid fisheries in Indonesia, it became his mission to discover more about the two manta species and how to protect them. Accordingly this knowledge is key to support local, national, and international actions for the protection of manta rays. But one of the highlights for divers in Raja Ampat are without doubt the manta rays. Here you can observe a “Y shape” pattern and a lesser bright white color.

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