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President Erdogan’s actions, but he gets a thumb’s up on this one. EU-Turkey Relations: Erdogan Left Europe Commission President Speechless After Humiliating Snub. ). And Ms. von der Leyen’s decision to drive policy from the shadows with a tiny group of confidantes, while seeming to throw subordinates under the bus when things went wrong, was not judged kindly by observers, either. By mid-last week, Ms. von der Leyen, who had not made any public statements on the matter, had left her health commissioner, Stella Kyriakides of Cyprus, alone to face the press. The European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, in Brussels last month. But her handling of a growing crisis over vaccine supply shortages to the European Union, which culminated in a major gaffe that threatened to upend delicate relations with Britain, a former member of the bloc, has shaken her steely image and pitted senior bureaucrats — the very people she depends on — against her. info); née Albrecht, 8 October 1958) is a German politician. DeSantis Dutch PM Rutte BUSTED in a lie, survives no-confidence vote despite censure JayTe Later in the week, the commission rolled out a half-baked policy requiring prior authorization for exports of vaccines made in the European Union, so that it could check that companies like Pfizer and AstraZeneca were not sending vaccines promised the bloc overseas. On Friday night, as the legal text of the hastily assembled policy was published, reporters noticed it made provisions for the European Union to activate a nuclear clause in the divorce terms with Britain, known as Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which practically reinstitutes a hard border on the island of Ireland, one of the toughest points the bloc had to smooth over with Britain. Von der Leyen is a member of the German branch of the European Movement. Europe’s Vaccine Disaster: Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Seeks to Duck Responsibility. New Zealand will suspend travel from India, the biggest coronavirus hot spot. 5 Comments, Turkish President Erdogan HUMILIATES EU chief Ursula von der Leyen, ****News Topic 360***** Alex Christoforou NATO Says No, Pathetic 60 Minutes busted trying to smear Florida Gov. She was initially seen as a possible successor to German chancellor Angela Merkel. Ms. McGuinness said she did sign off on the offending legal language late Friday, along with all the other 25 European commissioners, but several E.U. April 7, 2021 Ursula von der Leyen has taken a barbed swipe at Boris Johnson over his 'space race' approach to vaccines as she faces a huge backlash over the … Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain visiting a Covid-19 vaccination center on Monday in Batley, Britain. “Parliament is the arena where the commission has to communicate with European citizens, not just via the German media. “This was a mistake — other words have been used — it has had consequences,” said Ms. McGuinness, speaking to Irish media over the weekend. 10 1958 Ixelles/Elsene, Belgien „We must not rebuild economy of yesterday“ %privacy_policy%. Guntram Wolff, director of the Bruegel research institute in Brussels, criticized the European Commission’s entire approach to the negotiations with pharmaceuticals, comparing it unfavorably with the U.S. program to develop, manufacture and distribute vaccines. “The commission is accountable to Parliament, and the series of very worrying incidents, gaffes and rumors in this past week, has to be clarified as a matter of urgency,” said Sophie in ‘t Veld, a Dutch deputy. “What I can tell you is that there is one cabinet which was lead on this, that is Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis because he is in charge of trade,” the commission’s chief spokesman, Eric Mamer, said when asked for comment on Ms. von der Leyen’s handling of the issue. John Thys/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. The Irish commissioner for financial services, Mairead McGuinness, distanced herself from her boss, one of few people to do so publicly. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. April 8, 2021. And Brexit supporters found fresh ammunition against the bloc, accusing it of trying to take vaccines away from Britons, whose country is in the throes of a catastrophic second wave and was finally doing a good job getting them immunized. 818 Views April 8, 2021, by Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for inviting me again. Erdogan is an Islamist and has set the country back in many respects, especially culturally, but today’s Turkey has many cultures, and Erdogan was not… Read more ». Russia defending itself is not equal to the US, it is Vastly superior. Facebook prepares to monetize your texts, Jab-erwacky (or, Why Are People So Crazy about Being Guinea Pigs? Most of her ancestors were from the formerly sovereign countries, the Electorate and Kingdom of Hanover, and the city-state of Bremen, both in modern northwestern Germany. She is the President of the European Commission. BRUSSELS — On paper, Ursula von der Leyen is uniquely qualified to lead the European Union through the coronavirus crisis. . Would love your thoughts, please comment. Bei ihren Kids hat Ursula von der Leyen schon seit Jahren das Kommando. And when it came to presenting the policy to the public, Ms. von der Leyen sent out Ms. Kyriakides, the health commissioner, and Valdis Dombrovskis, a commission vice president who handles several economy issues, including trade. Ursula von der Leyen, Belgian-born German politician who was the first woman to serve as Germany’s minister of defense (2013–19). The president of the European commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the European council president, Charles Michel, met the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in … To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, left a summit of EU leaders after an aide tested positive for Covid-19. Divisions over the EU’s vaccination crisis have been laid bare after Ursula von der Leyen refused to sign up to a call by more than 20 world leaders for a new global pandemics plan. Ursula von der Leyen is left standing by her male counterparts in Turkey By Madalena Araújo and James Frater, CNN 9 hrs ago. While the issue with Pfizer appeared limited and manageable, the situation with AstraZeneca swiftly escalated into an all-out vaccine war between the European Union and Britain. With the ambitious goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050, the European Union has committed to creating a greener world for future generations. Fortunately, I know it was at the 11th hour, but the mistake was rectified.”. “The egg is on her face, and she can’t wipe it off on the health commissioner,” he added. Ursula von der Leyen snubbed in awkward chair situation at meeting with Turkish president. Was es noch über die zierliche CDU-Politikerin zu wissen gibt, über ihr Vermögen, ihre Ausbildung und Familie, erfahren Sie in diesem Artikel. Ursula von der Leyen was left without a seat at a summit in Ankara on Tuesday after her two male counterparts took the only available chairs, leaving her to perch on a nearby sofa. Despite lagging the United States and Britain in sealing those agreements, and a slow authorization process by the E.U. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. “It reflects incredibly poorly on Ursula von der Leyen, she took over this portfolio and made a complete mess of it. Besides, Russia will be joined by China, Iran, and a number of other smaller nations in the coming WW III. DeSantis, EU-Turkey Relations: Erdogan Left Europe Commission President Speechless After Humiliating Snub, Erdogan and Candace scold Biden on his Putin gaffe, Erdogan ditches WhatsApp. By Matina Stevis-Gridneff and Steven Erlanger. But barely a month into the vaccine rollout, which was shaping up to be dramatically behind Britain and the United States, Pfizer and then AstraZeneca informed the commission they would not deliver doses as promised mainly because of production problems. In July 2019 she became the first woman … Ozymandias – War against Russia will indeed be suicidal, but everything the US has been doing has been suicidal – one might call it a slow suicide. President von der Leyen was appointed by national leaders and elected by the European Parliament after she presented her Political Guidelines. Von der Leyen is also under fire for agreeing to refurbish the German navy’s three-masted training ship, the Gorch Fock. Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, născută Albrecht, (n. 8 octombrie 1958, Ixelles, Regiunea Capitalei Bruxelles, Belgia) este o politiciană creștin-democrată germană. Read LaterAdd to FavouritesAdd to CollectionReport. Ex-VP Pence to pen memoir ahead of 2024 race: publisher. * 8. Project Syndicate March 22, 2021 A GLOBAL GREEN DEAL by Ursula von der Leyen & Werner Hoyer QUOTE We need to embrace the idea of a “circular economy.” As matters stand, we are taking more out of our planet than it can afford to give us, and the effects of this overreach will become increasingly dramatic and destructive with each passing year. Ursula von der Leyen ist eine bekannte Frau – dem einen ist sie als „Flinten-Uschi“ im Gedächtnis geblieben, dem anderen als erfolgreiche Karrierefrau, die sieben Kinder großgezogen hat. She had served as Minister of Defence of Germany from 2013 to 2019. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. But on Monday, as the episode came full circle, a spokesman for Ms. von der Leyen pointed the finger at Mr. Dombrovskis, the commission vice president for trade, for the gaffe. The US has eyes bigger than its stomach,war with Russia would be suicidal, Russia can’t project as much power as the US abroad,but at home defending mother Russia, Russia is its equal. The President is self-isolating as a precautionary measure. The US has not won a war since WWII, and WWII was also won by Russia, (although the US joined at the 11th hour and marched in as “victors” after Russia had already defeated Germany.) Albrecht (Ixelles, 1958. október 8. During such tenure, Ursula started a long campaign for women’s quotas in management and supervisory boards of listed German companies; spoke out for a nationwide minimum wage and for gay marriage. She is, or has been, also a member of several boards of trustees: Total E-Quality initiative, Member of the Board of Trustees. Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen szül. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Ursula von der Leyen has largely stayed away from the limelight while driving the handling of a crisis and letting subordinates take the blame. The idea was that activating that clause would close a loophole for Britain to spirit away E.U. BITCOIN VS. GOLD VS. STOCKS VS. REAL ESTATE, Desperate Zelensky Says Ukraine’s NATO Membership Should Be Fast-tracked. World Economic Forum (WEF), Member of the Board of Trustees. “We have seen very justified anger and the political fallout. pandemic response. As far as I can recall, I have never approved of President Erdogan’s actions, but he gets a thumb’s up on this one. URSULA von der Leyen's exorbitant salary has been brought to the attention of Britons thanks to an exclusive interview with Italian MEP Antonio Maria Rinaldi. Ursula von der Leyen has largely stayed away from the limelight while driving the handling of a crisis and letting subordinates take the blame. The day after Turkey’s President Erdogan arrested ten admirals on fears of new coup rumblings over their signing a ‘treasonous’ letter, a high level EU ‘reconciliation’ meeting with Turkey didn’t go so well on Tuesday. The idea was a brainchild of Ms. von der Leyen and her inner circle, several senior E.U. Europe’s Vaccine Disaster: Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Seeks to Duck Responsibility. Hawaii just became the 50th state to broaden vaccine eligibility. Official Comes Under Fire in Vaccine Wars, She is a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. regulator, the rollout was finally launched just after Christmas. The fallout was fast and furious. The move was met with panic and incredulity. Bundesfamilienministerin Ursula von der Leyen berichtet im Gespräch mit der Journalistin Maria von Welser über ihren Berufs- und Familienalltag. 38 talking about this. There’s a lot of anger,” he said. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is trying to get out of the firing line as anger grows over the EU’s botched vaccine rollout. Hanover Girls’ Choir, Member of the Board of Trustees. By 1 a.m. Saturday, following several tense calls including with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, Ms. von der Leyen performed an embarrassing U-turn, reversing the Article 16 invocation. Forging unity within the European Union is rarely easy for a president of the European commission but Ursula von der Leyen managed at least to bring together two strange bedfellows in … These guidelines were inspired by her discussions with the parliament’s political groups, as well as by the European Council’s strategic agenda for 2019-2024. Ursula von der Leyen has seven children Credit: AFP Ursula has seven children, who were born between 1987 and 1999. Turkey may have been that before Ataturk turned Turkey into a modern nation in many ways more democratic and more advanced and enlightened than many Western nations. She wore a red jacket to match Turkey’s flag, already subservient. It was highly unlikely anyone would notice the invocation of the special Brexit clause unless they’d been previously warned it was there, they said. It transpired that the company had been smoothly delivering vaccines to Britain, just as it informed the bloc that it would slash 75 percent off its promised first-quarter delivery volumes, upending immunization planning across the 27 member states. No brakes. Six such officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not want to publicly criticize Ms. von der Leyen, said that the president had solely relied, per her habit, on an extremely small subgroup of advisers, excluding from deliberations not only expert staff, but even some of her senior cabinet members. The snub has sparked a row over women's rights with … Support The Duran on Patreon! In a post on Twitter, von der Leyen wrote: "I have just been informed that a member of my front office has tested positive to COVID-19 this morning. Dewey Fernfield –) belga születésű német kereszténydemokrata politikus. She was entrusted with cutting deals with pharmaceutical companies to provide vaccines for the 450 million people living in the bloc. On Sunday, a senior European parliamentarian called on Ms. von der Leyen to appear in the parliament and explain what had gone wrong. vaccines out of the bloc by using the lack of borders between the Republic of Ireland, an E.U. vaccine war between the European Union and Britain. Top E.U. Turkish President Erdogan HUMILIATES EU chief Ursula von der Leyen Pathetic 60 Minutes busted trying to smear Florida Gov. Ms. von der Leyen agreed to appear only before groups of members of Parliament in closed-door sessions, a decision Ms. in ‘t Veld decried as “error of judgment on all sides.”. A medical doctor with a masters in public health, the president of the European Commission has the backing of her native Germany as well as France, a powerful combination that catapulted her to the vaunted role less than two years ago. Unless as yet unforeseen forces… Read more ». Critics accused the European Union, which spent years criticizing the Trump administration for erecting trade barriers, of doing the same. Ursula von der Leyen then served as Minister of Labour and Social Affairs from November 30, 2009 to December 17, 2013. Inversely, it is an opportunity for VDL to eliminate any misunderstandings or false rumors,” she added, referring to Ms. von der Leyen by her initials. Two chairs, three leaders: the European Commission hit out after its chief Ursula von der Leyen was left without a chair as Turkey’s president sat down for talks with her male counterpart. Ursula von der Leyen was born in Brussels in 1958, and attended the European School - a multilingual elite school for the children of diplomats and EU bureaucrats. officials said. Inwieweit ist der Ehemann Heiko von der Leyen unserer Familienministerin Ursula von der Leyen mit dem Fürstenhaus von der Leyen verwandt? European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, gave a special address to Davos Agenda Week. Over the weekend, Ms. von der Leyen chose to give a sole interview to German TV, compounding criticism that she narrowly focused on Germany despite her pan-European role. In view of that, as well as events of the last week, Mr. Wolff said, an examination of what had gone wrong by the European Parliament was called for. 7 Votes officials noted that commissioners had only been given about half an hour to review multiple pages of dense technical text and approve it late Friday. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Duran. “To continue without that underestimates how European voters feel. A sense of relief took hold in Brussels: the work of the commission, the European Union’s executive branch, was largely done; now individual member states were in charge of actually putting the vaccines in the arms of their own citizens. The overhaul of the ship, christened in 1958, has ended up costing more than 10 times what was originally projected. They are called: David, 33, Sophie, 31, … First thoughts that leapt to my mind were that the US Banana Republic, as well as the soon-to-be EU banana republics should think twice before referring to Turkey as a banana republic. The European Union health commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels last month. by She spoke about issues from climate change to big tech and the impact of COVID-19. Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, née Albrecht (*1958) is a German politician and the President-elect of the European Commission (Wikipedia biography).. (03.05.2013 17:12) Suebe schrieb: Ich bin zwar kein Gast, aber vielleicht kann mir doch einer hier helfen. country, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. I have mixed feelings about this, and have to read some more before forming an opinion. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. There’s no redeeming factor in the way the commission has acted in the last couple weeks and she needs to own it,” said Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, a senior fellow of the German Marshall Fund and of the Peterson Institute in Brussels. .P.S.,the EU is run by incompetents and idiots. Ursula von der Leyen soll EU-Kommissionspräsidentin werden, obwohl sie nicht Spitzenkandidatin war. “The commission was quite late, risk averse, cautious and too conscious of cost,” he said, and “the funds put out — 2.7 billion euros for advance purchases in the summer, and then another 1.09 billion in September, were very small compared to the American Warp Speed outlay of $18 billion.”. Amid warning of a new U.S. wave, eyes are turning to a spike in the Upper Midwest. Bei „Hart aber fair“ lassen drei Europapolitiker ihren Dampf ab. Thank you very much, dear Klaus. Jetzt hat die 55-Jährige aber auch als Verteidigungsministerin von Deutschland das Sagen. by After a bumpy start in the coronavirus response, Ms. von der Leyen secured a major win in June, placing the bureaucracy she leads at the heart of the collective E.U. Help us grow.

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