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Bolivia's Laguna Colorada is a high-altitude desert plain of smoking volcanoes, Dali-esque rock formations and drifting snow, with the Andes towering ever present. James's flamingo (Phoenicoparrus jamesi), also known as the puna flamingo, is a species of flamingo that populates the high altitudes of Andean plateaus of Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. Andean and Puna flamingos coexist in high Andes wetlands, and they use wetlands with the location in Central Andes and lowland in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. A rare natural wonder near Chile’s border, a blood-red lagoon, filled with hundreds of pink flamingos. However, for those expecting to take National Geography level of photos, beware that we are not allowed to get close to them. Folklore suggests the water is the gods’ blood, though scientists seem to believe the color … The lake is less than a metre deep and owes its unusual colour to red minerals and algae, which lure flocks of rare species of flamingo. Good flamingo viewing. Welcome to a natural landscape that appears positively extraterrestrial. Laguna Colorada is located in Potosi and belongs to Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. Laguna Colorada Flamingos. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia. One of my favorite surprises of visiting Laguna Colorada and the other colored lagoons in the area was seeing the flamingos! Geography. The colors of Laguna Colorada stand out immediately upon seeing it. High-lying laguna Colorada (4295 m asl) with incredibly red water and white borax islands is a heaven for an incredible amount of flamingos in summer. We were just there, and saw thousands of them. There is an excellent area for viewing Laguna Colorada. Ort: Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Abaroa, Uyuni,, Bolivia The Lake Laguna Colorada. The Laguna Colorada, or ‘Red Lagoon’, is a shallow salt lake, peppered with white borax islands. There are thousands of Andean flamingos here, and they make this destination even more breathtaking. Spanning 6000 … Laguna Colorada is part of the Los Lípez (formerly Laguna Colorada) Ramsar wetland.It was listed as a "Ramsar Wetland of International Importance" in 1990.On, July 13, 2009 the site was expanded from 513.18 to 14,277.17 km 2 (5,512.45 sq mi) to include the surrounding high Andean endorheic, hypersaline and brackish lakes and associated wetlands (known as bofedales). Laguna Colorada, meaning red lake, is a shallow salt lake in Bolivia’s Altiplano (high plains), more than 4,260 metres above sea level. However, it is also believed that water is actually the blood of the gods. It’s known as Laguna Colorada (Reddish in Spanish). Laguna Colorado is a shallow salt lake in Bolivia, situated in an uninhabited section of southwestern Bolivia, at an altitude of 14,800 feet. Besides flamingo, the area is home to various fauna including llamas, alpacas, Andean foxes, cats, and pumas. Flamingos in Laguna Colorada Laguna Colorada impresses with its reddish pink tones, caused by the presence of algae and plankton. It is as a table ready for feasting for them. Every tourist is flabbergasted by this amazing lake surrounded by … There is also a small indoor display area that allows people to get out of the wind and has several explanatory posters on the wildlife and the ecology of the laguna. After a few days of travel, you’ll come to a rare natural wonder near the border of Chile; a … Laguna Colorado is known for its beautiful colors and its pink flamingoes. Laguna Colorada. Laguna Colorada is also called "the red lake" due to the high content of minerals and algae.

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