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EP3246/70 . Watch the support video. Contact customer service and get support for all your product related questions. A unique brewing system in all coffee machines ensures full flavor and natural flavor for your espresso or coffee. Coffee Care hub for Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machine > Coffee Care hub for Saeco Fully Automatic Espresso Machine > Product Range. Taking good care of your Philips Espresso machine is key to great tasting coffee and long lasting machine performance. Series 3200 Fully automatic espresso machines . Just select the type of coffee and touch the appropriate icon and the aromatic drink will be brewed in no time. The coffee machine will only dispense water and/or no beans will being ground if the coffee funnel is blocked. Reinig en onderhoud jouw Philips-espressomachine voor optimale prestaties: bekijk hier tips en video's voor ontkalken, schoonmaken en overige problemen. Philips onderhoudsbeurt voor je Espressomachine. • Take out the brew group and clean the coffee funnel with a spoon handle. • If there is no pre-ground coffee funnel, insert the spoon handle into the coffee funnel from below. With 50 years of coffee tradition and experience, Philips develops coffee machines for all those who value the pleasant aspects of life - using state-of-the-art technical tools. 3200 Series coffee maker pdf manual download. Deze extra service van Philips zorgt ervoor dat je espressomachine grondig gereinigd wordt zodat je lang van jouw machine kan genieten. What is more, an automatic espresso machine with a grinder, after you press a button, will choose the appropriate amount of coffee and the degree to which it should be ground, however, if you wish, you can choose these settings manually, according to your own preferences.Philips and Saeco machines have ceramic burr grinders which allow you to set the degree of grinding. Všechny návody i podpůrná videa lze použít na celou nabídku plně automatických espresovačů Philips (řady Philips 2000, Philips 2100, Philips 3000, Philips 3100, Philips 4000 a Philips 5000). Coffee Care Hub Learn more on how to use and take care your coffee machine here. Register your product or find user manuals, FAQs and tips for your product. 우유통, 자동 우유 거품기 및 클래식 우유 거품기를 세척하여 위생적이고 풍부한 거품을 만들 수 있습니다. Additionally, various milk options are available, e.g. The Philips 3200 espresso machine has a simple, touch control panel, which makes operation of the device extremely easy. De onderhoudsbeurt bevat de volgende diensten: Het onderhouden van je Espressomachine is veel werk. To unblock the coffee funnel. 필립스 에스프레소 머신 세척 및 관리. View and Download Philips 3200 Series user manual online. 5 Beverages; Daarom biedt Philips nu de Espresso Onderhoudsbeurt! Here you can find the most important information on cleaning and maintenance. Fully automatic espresso machine.

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