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No, it’s not sort of car wash station, as you might think. 7. All these you can enjoy without sharing it with anybody else, since this island – like most of the other islands in the archipelago – is uninhabited. The crown-of-thorns starfish, which "can grow as big around as a trash-can lid", has proliferated due to increasing nitrogen in the water from human waste, which in turn causes a spike in phytoplankton on which the starfish feed. Thus, they put their culture in creativity that stores as traditional special souvenirs. There are many flora and fauna species that you can only found in Raja Ampat, West Papua. Here are the best places to visit in Raja Ampat: In Waisai, you have Raja Ampat Dive Resort. If you brave enough, you may grab it. Secondly, liveaboard diving is the most immersive experience you can get. Nikita Willy dan sang suami Indra Priawan berlibur di atas kapal Pinisi yang mewah. When going for diving, you’ll be accompanied by an expert guide and thoroughly equipped for the underwater activity. The region contains more than 600 species of hard corals, equaling about 75 percent of known species globally, and more than 1,700 species of reef fish - including on both shallow [14] and mesophotic reefs. [1] The southern part of the island of Salawati is not part of the Raja Ampat Regency. From Sorong you can best take a 2-hour trip by sea to Raja Ampat’s capital Waisai which ‘only’ costs you a nice IDR 130,000. It takes extra photographic skills to make good underwater pictures, so make sure to take some time to practice the skills before travelling. Also, Raja Ampat islands Indonesia are most untouchable area and it has a very natural virgin masterpieces. Ijen. You can also explore the islands by boat, or compete in kayak-race. Perairan Kepulauan Raja Ampat menurut berbagai sumber, merupakan salah satu dari 10 perairan terbaik untuk diving site di seluruh dunia. [citation needed], According to Conservation International, marine surveys suggest that the marine life diversity in the Raja Ampat area is the highest recorded on Earth. I am advance divers, my max deep 32 meter, i have only 18 Dives . I had Thinking Maybe raja ampat, north sulawesi., pulau, komodo , tonga, Salomon Island or komodo. If you have booked one of the resorts beforehand, you can even ask the resort staff to pick you up upon arrival on the port. Raja Ampat. An evaluation team estimated that 1,600 square meters of the reef was destroyed, which will likely result in a compensation claim of $1.28m-$1.92m. Our island and our scuba diving sites are surrounded by our own 300,000 acre/ 1220 sq km Misool Marine Reserve, which we established in 2005. Although traditional culture still strongly exists, they are very welcoming to visitors. Papua Paradise Resort lies along the pristine shoreline of the uninhabited island of Birie, Raja Ampat. [15] Compared to similar-sized ecosystems elsewhere in the world, this makes Raja Ampat's biodiversity the richest in the world. In our latest brochure, we launch new resorts in Mozambique and Raja Ampat, a new liveaboard in the Philippines, and a new trip to Bali.The team write about the wrecks of Grenada, liveaboard adventures in Indonesia, dazzling diving in Papua New Guinea and more. [10], The islands have a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 33 Â°C (68 to 91 Â°F). Misool Island“]. [11], Water temperature in North Raja Ampat ranges from 28 to 30 Â°C (82 to 86 Â°F) (Water temperature chart in North Raja Ampat), while in the South in Misool, it ranges from 26 to 28 Â°C (79 to 82 Â°F) (Water temperature chart in Misool), The islands are part of the Vogelkop-Aru lowland rain forests ecoregion. The most famous spot and most visited in this island is the Blue Water Mangrove. It has its rooms amidst an uninhabited island. Mereka mengunjungi kepulauan Raja Ampat selama 6 hari dengan menghabiskan sebagian besar waktunya di kapal mewah tersebut. The good news is all these trip bustles will likely be cut off with recent announcement by the government on planning to develop the Marinda airport in Waisai. Southern Waigeo” state=”closed”]. Historic spots in Raja Ampat are no less astonishing. The Coral Triangle is the heart of the world's coral reef biodiversity, making Raja Ampat quite possibly the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world. [13], Raja Ampat is considered the global center of tropical marine bio-diversity and is referred to as The Crown Jewel of the Bird's Head Seascape, which also includes Cenderawasih Bay and Triton Bay. [/toggle] [toggle title=”11. The main occupation for people around this area is fishing since the area is dominated by the sea. Thus, they live in village full of peace and happiness. [25][26][27], Doubilet, David (2007). as might be warned about by the ship’s captain. Many sources[which?] [7], The high marine diversity in Raja Ampat is strongly influenced by its position between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, as coral and fish larvae are more easily shared between the two oceans. Raja Ampat Indonesia has four main islands, namely Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo. The English explorer William Dampier gave his name to Dampier Strait, which separates Batanta island from Waigeo island. Another reason is the inadequacy of the existing infrastructures in Papua in general. Most of the islands make up the Raja Ampat Regency, a regency (kabupaten) forming part of West Papua Province. Last thing that can be said is there are no ordinary things in Raja Ampat – everything is extraordinary. The 7 night charter runs from Saturday to Saturday. Likewise, here lies webbegog, manta rays, sea horses dwarf, Eviota fish king (a kind of gobbie which is belong to the endemic fish Raja Ampat. [citation needed], 1,508 fish species, 537 coral species (a remarkable 96% of all scleractinia recorded from Indonesia are likely to occur in these islands and 75% of all species that exist in the world[8]), and 699 mollusk species, the variety of marine life is staggering. Taking anti-malaria medicine and mosquito repellant cream with you on your journey is strongly recommended. Yellow fish soup is but one among many kinds of typical Raja Ampat culinary you can have there. It came into existence in 2004, prior to which the archipelago was part of Sorong Regency. This excludes the southern half of Salawati Island, which is not part of this regency but instead constitutes the Salawati Selatan District of Sorong Regency. Make sure to choose home-stays which are the closest to the spots you’re interested to visit, in order to cut your transportation spending as much as possible, since this one is the most costly of all. In the meantime, it is always recommended to take enough food provisions before heading to Waisai, because food prices in Waisai are considerably high. Raja Ampat's coral diversity, resilience, and role as a source for larval dispersal make it a global priority for marine protection. [12] The rain forests that covers the islands is the natural habitat of many species of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. Are you interested in traditional clothing, plait handicraft, Asmat tribal sculpture, or traditional music instruments? Two species of bird-of-paradise, the red bird-of-paradise (Paradisaea rubra) and Wilson's bird-of-paradise (Diphyllodes respublica), are endemic to the islands of Waigeo, Gam, and Batanta. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Water temperature chart in North Raja Ampat, Raja Ampat, Hasanuddin University sign MoU | The Jakarta Post, Distrik Salawati Selatan Dalam Angka 2018, http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/09/indonesia/doubilet-text, https://web.archive.org/web/20080409084522/http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/09/indonesia/doubilet-text, "D.C.-area scuba divers dig out their old snorkels and fins to combat a coral eater", "A Marine Rapid Assessment of the Raja Ampat Islands, Papua Province, Indonesia", "Tujuh Danau Ubur-Ubur Unik di Indonesia", "Reef fishes of the Bird's Head Peninsula, West Papua, Indonesia", "Highly diverse mesophotic reef fish communities in Raja Ampat, West Papua", Marine Mammal Species Biodiversity in Raja Ampat (2011-15), HOME TO THE RICHEST REEFS ON EARTH, RAJA AMPAT IS ALSO A MECCA FOR WHALES, "Cruise ship smashes into coral in Raja Ampat", "British-owned cruise ship wrecks one of Indonesia's best coral reefs", Raja Ampat dive sites, map, videos and pictures, Bantimurung – Bulusaraung National Park, The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Raja_Ampat_Islands&oldid=1015322141, Articles containing Indonesian-language text, Articles needing additional references from March 2020, All articles needing additional references, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from March 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2020, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 March 2021, at 20:23. All these spendings are for one person. It is even called “The Amazon of the Oceans” due to its location at the heart of the Coral Triangle, which also includes the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Australia. A local food from Raja Ampat that made by sago and usually eat with fish complementary food. To the east, there is a strait that separates Batanta from Salawati. That is just so amazingly beautiful. Make sure you have neatly captured it all on photos and video recordings to show to families and friends back home. Book Your Dive Vacation With PADI Travel! Also, Raja Ampat islands Indonesia are most untouchable area and it has a very natural virgin masterpieces. Administratively, the archipelago is part of the province of West Papua. Also, that’s the picture of Papeda food. Aggressor Adventures offers 3 Bahamas liveaboard scuba diving itineraries: Exuma Cay s - departs from Nassau to explore the dramatic walls, lush coral reefs and exciting animal encounters. ... Raja Ampat 2023. starting at $3599 or $7699. Its only competitor in regard to the beauty of marine ecosystem is the Weh Island in Sabang, Aceh province, which is located at the westernmost part of Indonesia. Salawati Island“]. [23], The submarine world around the islands was the subject of the documentary film Edies Paradies 3 (by Otto C. Honegger), which has been broadcast by the Swiss television network Schweizer Fernsehen. ... Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea aboard the Fenides. At times, you will be entertained with a kind of traditional war dance by local tribes. This strategic location is the reason of its abundantly rich marine biodiversity. This sum equals the cost of hiring a long boat alone for round-sailing in 10 days. It takes almost 30 minutes to climb, so make sure you’re in good physical shape. As a result, you have several choices of diving resorts. Many diving packages are being offered by travel agencies. Although it has to be noted that West Papua province as a whole have larger Muslim population because of the extensive history with the Sultanate of Tidore as well as recent migrations. I dream about diving with humback whales and beautiful dives . Other features of this area are 5 rare species of sea turtle, 13 species of sea mammals, and 57 species of mantis shrimp. Put these 3 Best Lakes in Ternate on your List! I love Sharks, manta rays and especially huge whales . Scuba Courses. That’s why home-stays are most recommended among other modes of accommodations, about IDR 250,000 for one night. Explores the Forest If you happen to visit the eastern part of Waigeo in Raja Ampat near the end of the year, you may have the unique experience of watching the “Sea Ghost”, a unique natural phenomenon in the form of a light beam shaped by the sea water around sunset, which you can enjoy from a boat for a few minutes only. The regency encompasses around 70,000 square kilometres (27,000 sq mi) of land and sea, of which 7,559.6 km2 constitutes the land area and has a population of 47,885 (as of 2018). So, it will benefit you a lot to travel in a large group. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, range from Sabang in Aceh to Merauke in Papua, which is made up of thousands of large and small islands, which are connected by the strait and sea. Instead, it constitutes the Salawati Selatan District of Sorong Regency. Yet, after the Dutch invaded Maluku, it was claimed by the Netherlands. In case you never heard, 75% corals of the world live in Raja Ampat. Then, if you visit Raja Ampat then be sure you don not miss these festivals for fun. Further to the northern side of Waigeo, you can find other caves which purportedly are remains from the Second World War times, once used as bunkers by the Dutch and Japanese armies. Here are several tips for you who wish to travel to Raja Ampat: Want to bring home unique souvenirs from Raja Ampat? Tomolo Cave’s walls“]. Raja Ampat local people are friendly, just like most of Indonesian personalities. Such a high cost could be the main reason why visitors to Raja Ampat are mostly foreign tourists. This island lies straight facing the Ceram Sea and high seas where giant sea creatures including whales used to swim by. Those five eggs they kept in there had hatched and there came from them four young boys and one girl, all dressed in fine clothes which showed that they were of royal descent. You can also find here no less than 1,511 species of fish, or about 75 percent of the whole world’s, 27 of which are to be found nowhere else in the world. To see this rare species in person and make photos of them, is such a precious moment dreamt on even by many biologists. Seafood are the most available culinary on and around the tourist sites. This archipelago consists of chains of densely wooded small coral islands. I looking for beautiul corals and Manu colourfull fish . If you’re a diving fanatic, you would love visiting Southern Waigeo. 7. The best times to visit Raja Ampat are around October and November when the seas are relatively calm and the weather is friendly enough to let you have the best captures of your precious moments on your camera. Indeed, there is also mangrove forest and more flora and fauna life that you can only found here in Raja Ampat islands, Indonesia. Beside diving and snorkeling spots, Raja Ampat also has dense forests, colorful clustered limestone, various kinds of rare plant, and turtle nests on the shores. Diving resorts stand ready to supply all the facilities, equipment and guides you need. Remains of supposedly prehistoric paintings of human hand palms and animals in considerably big size are still there in Tomolo Cave’s walls, which for sure will keep you staring in amazement. Come and Visit these 3 Natural Beaches in Karangasem Bali! 5 Diving Spots in Raja Ampat, West Papua... All The Heavenly Things to Do in Nabire... 15 Amazing Things to do in Sorong, West... 20 Best Things to Do in Manokwari West... Get Ready to Get Hot after Eating these 7 Spiciest Food in Indonesia! It takes a 6-hour trip by boat from Sorong, which costs you IDR 6 million. 8. Contact | Privacy Policy | Adchoices | Disclaimer | Term of Use, 25 Things to Do in Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia (No.1 Heaven Archipelago). The island is teeming with exotic bird life, lush jungle foliage, and a spectacular array of fauna, while the reefs in the surrounding area offer world class diving. [accordion] [toggle title=”9. Typically one such motor boat can bring up to 10-12 passengers. The traditional and international menus according to your preference, all hand-made by the locals. Also, you can smell the history of World War II in Wei Island by its sinking ship. After arriving in Sorong, you can take a taxi from the airport to the seaport, and continue the trip by ferry boat to Waisai, Raja Ampat’s capital, which takes about 4-5 hours. If you have ever watched the documentary “Edis Paradise 3” produced by Avant Premiere, then you have a glance of what Raja Ampat Islands has in store. We have a showroom full of the latest products and gadgets in scuba. Kabul Bay atoll, Skulls Cave and a historic site in Kali Raja were among other tourist attractions you can find around there. Travelling to Raja Ampat can be quite costly, especially if you are a backpacker. Diving begins Sunday morning and ends Friday around noon when the Aggressor returns to port. It comprises over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, and the smaller island of Kofiau. [9] Some areas boast enormous schools of fish and regular sightings of sharks, such as wobbegongs. Try to find a good lodging place upon arrival in Waisai. Make sure to attach yourself to a coral reef with a rope while enjoying this unique show, since you must stand against strong water current in this spot. Meanwhile, the festivals are Suling Tambir Festival in Waigeo and Maritime Festival in Waisai. Why? As well as 1000 reef fish species, 540 hard coral types, 700 mollusks species, and a vibrant coral reef reaches 90%. The Muslim proportion is much higher compared with other Papuan areas. Since 1973 Special Events Group Dive Trips Red Sea: June 3-20, 2021 Fiji: Oct 31-Nov 12, 2021 Raja Ampat: Nov 18-Dec 2, 2021 CoCo View (Roatan): Jan 29-Feb 5, 2022 Visit paradisiacal places. Here you‘ll be obliged to pay a sort of environmental maintenance service tax to the local government, for which you’ll have to spend another IDR 500,000, and double that sum if you’re a foreign tourist. [citation needed], The crown-of-thorns starfish eats Raja Ampat's corals, and the destruction this causes among reefs has posed a threat to tourism. Diving is one of the most beloved activities for tourists coming to Raja Ampat, and even has been the focus of the world tourism, vigorously campaigned by tourism stakeholders in Indonesia. Usually it costs about IDR 20,000 or more each meal for one person. A community of female scuba divers making waves around the globe! You may also search: Mountains in Indonesia. First, there's no better way to discover some of the most amazing dive spots, especially remote locations like Raja Ampat and Cocos Island. The paradise-like scenery of the Wayag archipelago that you used to see merely from internet pictures is now right in front of you. They peeped and got shocked. Diving. Many liveaboard destinations can't be reached by land-based operators. Here is the natural habitat of the extremely rare Bruijn red-headed turkeys, or Aepypodius Bruijni, which are once thought to be extinct. The Raja Ampat archipelago straddles the Equator and forms part of Coral Triangle which contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth. [24], In March 2017 the 90-meter cruise ship Caledonian Sky owned by British tour operator Noble Caledonia got caught in a low tide and ran aground in the reef. Then, you guys can share jokes, small talk, or ask them about anything. Using this mode of transportation, you should pay more attention to things like possible bad weather, rough seas, etc. Meridian Adventure Dive Resort Reopens for Domestic Visitors in Raja Ampat. [5], The oceanic natural resources around Raja Ampat give it significant potential as a tourist area. You should also take time to pump up your adrenaline in one of the islands, the Pulau Karang, or Rocky Island, by climbing up its nearly perpendicular slope to the top. place Raja Ampat as one of their top ten most popular places for diving whilst it retains the number one ranking for underwater biodiversity. [/toggle] [toggle title=”14. © - All Right Reserved - Indonesia Tourism Group. Only 400 of them have been explored, while the remaining 200 are still untouched by humans. Apr 11 2023 - May 02 2023. About Wonderful Indonesia. Anilao, Batangas best muck diving in the Philippines. Their works are supported by local government, and NGOs. [7] In 2019, local divers had begun the task of reducing starfish populations by injecting the starfish with a 10% vinegar solution; the dead starfish can then be eaten by local fish. Anacortes Diving is a full service dive center. All your different muscle areas tend to work more underwater due to the resistance of the water. Waitanta is another must-visit spot you should not miss. Average of up to 27 dives on 7 night charters including night dives. They will be surely happy if you hand them candies or areca nut. As for meals during the trip, luckily it’s not that costly compared to other spendings. Sharks, Mantas. Papua Explorers Dive Resort in Raja Ampat is an overwater diving resort with the best dive sites right at your doorstep. Take an experienced guide along with you, who will tell you what to do to avoid the rayfish from feeling disturbed and swimming away. History shows that Raja Ampat was once a part of the Sultanate of Tidore, an influential kingdom from Maluku. On some spots you can snorkel-dive while watching rayfish swimming around. Enjoying Raja Ampat, which is basically an archipelago with no less than 600 islands, you’d have to use island hopping motor boats, which takes millions of rupiahs for each trip from one place to another. Four of the seven hatch and become kings who occupy four of Raja Ampat's biggest islands whilst the other three become a ghost, a woman, and a stone. There is also an extreme souvenir here named Raja Kofiau necklace which is made by head dog skull and mermaid fish bone. As you see, the richness of biodiversity awaiting here is just beyond imagination! Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia's West Papua province.It comprises over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, and the smaller island of Kofiau.. Biggest Selection 24/7 Support True Online Booking Best Price Guarantee No Hidden Fees Free Dive Insurance. Diving in Indonesia is the stuff of underwater dreams pretty much any way you cut it, with macro life as beguiling as the pelagics that patrol dive sites across the archipelago. Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia is considered the best tourist destination in West Papua, Indonesia. Most of the islands constitute the Raja Ampat Regency, which was separated out from Sorong Regency in 2004. Among cultural attractions, there you can enjoy Salay dance performance in Saonek, and plaiting handicraft in Arborek. Untuk mengisi hari-harinya, rupanya mereka berencana untuk menikmati keindahan bawah laut dengan diving atau menyelam. Meanwhile, here is the things you need to know about Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia: Raja Ampat has the world’s largest and most comprehensive corals. Out of those 400, only 35 are inhabited. Indeed, if you come along to Raja Ampat, you can feel like home to talk to them. There are also chances to encounter a 12-ft whale if you’re lucky enough. Mangrove roots intersection with coral reefs growing spots in this area makes an outstandingly unique scenery that will charm any photography enthusiasts. About 80 percent of Raja Ampat’s 15,400 sq.miles area consists of water. As we know, Raja Ampat holds their tradition so tight. Orangutan. Karang Island“]. See All Trips. If you begin with a Jakarta-Sorong trip, it takes at least IDR 1,5 milion. Make sure to prepare things like sunscreen and sunblock, also a comfortable hat and t-shirts to wear, since most of Raja Ampat’s tourist spots are sunny all day. You will need them while visiting most spots in Raja Ampat. - Whale & Dolphin - Research & Conservation. In 1759 Captain William Wilson sailing in the East Indiaman Pitt navigated these waters and named a strait the 'Pitt strait', after his vessel; this was probably the channel between Batanta and Salawati. Most of the time we choose warm destinations for our diving holiday trips and with this come great new experiences and positive things for our body and mind! Blue Water Mangrove“]. Then, you can try variety of seafood menu here and its fresh from the sea or river water. Don’t miss the chance if you have one. Heike Iris Vester I.H.. Tapilatu F. R.. 2017. 2. About 540 kinds of coral reefs, or the world’s 75 percent, are found here – ten times the number of species ever found in the whole Caribbean area. Capturing the less terrifying, stingless, medusa species, in a lagoon in Raja Ampat in Indonesia, AirPano’s 360-degree video takes viewers in among a vast swarm – known as a … The Wayag archipelago in western Waigeo is a must-visit once you’re in Raja Ampat, since this is the place where all beauty of Raja Ampat is centered. Our basic scuba courses can be fun for the whole family! Unfortunately, you can hardly find any food sellers outside the capital Waisai, so it is strongly recommended to take enough meals for yourself on the trip. In order to reach Raja Ampat, you must first take a domestic air trip to Sorong from either the capital Jakarta, Surabaya, Makasar or Denpasar in Bali island, since there are no international air route heading straight to Sorong airport. Another favorite activity here is surfing, since the sea waves in this area is challenging enough. There are many choices available. While still in Waigeo, don’t forget to visit the Pari Manta Cleaning Station. Most homestays include 3 meals a day in their room services. They took the eggs home, and kept them in their room. National Geographic, September 2007. Raja Ampat Regency is subdivided into the following districts (kecamatan): Taking account of the 2,635 people of Salawati Selatan District in Sorong Regency,[4] the total population of the archipelago adds up to just under 50,000. All these you can easily find around the sites, either in Raja Ampat or back to Waisai where they are also on sale on many souvenir shops. About 80 percent of Raja Ampat’s 15,400 sq.miles area consists of water. OceanSounds e.V. While diving, you can watch them swimming in wait for their turn to get the free service from the little fish which do their job subsequently on one rayfish after another. The Raja Ampat islands are remote and relatively undisturbed by humans. They live in a small colony of tribes that spreads around the area. Read More. Here are the lists of all the things you need to do to enjoy Raja Ampat islands Indonesia attraction: Nevertheless, it will seem worth all the huge cost once you arrive in your desired spots in Raja Ampat areas. A team of environmentalists and academics estimated much more substantial damage, with potential losses to Indonesia estimated at $18.6 million and a recovery time for the reef spanning decades. Domestic and foreign tourists coming to this spot are mainly attracted to its astonishingly beautiful landscape, both ashore and underwater: its tropical forests, white-sandy beaches, mountains, and marine biodiversity are rarely found anywhere else in the world. Don’t forget to capture this scenery – and make selfie’s, of course. [16] Endangered and rare marine mammals such as Dugongs, whales (such as blue or/and pygmy blue, bryde's, less known omura's,[17][18][19] sperm), dolphins, and orcas occur here. Accommodations are no less costly. Explore our special offers. Raja Ampat has been acknowledged one of 10 best diving sites of the world. The name “Raja Ampat”, which literally means “Four Kings”, comes from a local hereditary myth or legend, which tells about a couple living in the forest. One day, on their way through the forest to find food, they found five strange eggs, which apparently were dragon’s eggs. In Misool you have Misool Eco Resort, which also functions as a conservation center. more destination. Only a 2-hour drive away from Manila lies Anilao, one of the world's best macro photography destinations.Boasting a wide array of rare critters, it's literally a heaven-on-earth for muck diving, blackwater diving, and macro photography. Thus, the four boys would then become kings ruling four main islands of Raja Ampat. Few if any wrecks, some walls, plenty of big & small stuff and wonderful reefs and corals. The leisure time while talking and chewing areca nut is called “Para-Para Pinang” in their language. We are also inside the Raja Ampat Shark and Manta Sanctuary, which we spearheaded in 2010. All of our dive liveaboard trips showcase the local culture and when possible include eco adventures and island excursions. Ranges from the most basic of basic rustic huts through to more comfortable eco resorts. As a result, all you will see is sea all around with its sea animals. Make sure to prepare special wrapper for your camera to enable you to capture underwater pictures, or rather, prepare a special underwater camera instead. Raja Ampat has been acknowledged one of 10 best diving sites of the world. There are some fun festivals in Raja Ampat held by the local people with its traditional taste. Rather, it’s an underwater spot where the Pari Manta, a kind of rayfish with approximately 6-ft wide body, get themselves ‘cleaned’ by thousands of tiny Angelfish. The history of Raja Ampat in old days is still alive here even now. Check out our Indonesia dive liveaboards traveling to Raja Ampat, Komodo and the Forgotten Islands or our Philippines dive liveaboards which explore Tubbataha, Apo Reef & Coron. As a result, all you will see is sea all around with its sea animals. Try to bargain on the tariff before going on a trip. At PADI Travel, we love liveaboards! What you will see right after reaching the top is beyond incredible. [/toggle] [toggle title=”10. So strategically valuable is this area, that the Indonesian government has officially declared it a legally protected area, in order to avoid vandalism of any kind toward its marine ecosystem. Likewise, you can found the heritage in prehistory period through hand stamps form on the caves in Misool Mountain. Diving is a real physical fitness work out! The PADI 5 Star Resort reopened for domestic travel at the end of August, with enhanced safety protocols to mitigate COVID transmission, after the government declared the nearby regency Tambrauw a … In some diving spots you can find remains of sunken ships lying on the seabed. [6] Diversity is considerably greater than any other area sampled in the Coral Triangle composed of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and East Timor. Kepulauan Raja Ampat merupakan tempat yang sangat berpotensi untuk dijadikan sebagai objek wisata, terutama wisata penyelaman.

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