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Optimized for dual lens devices, the lens helps you achieve approximately 2x optical zoom when mounted over a single-lens camera or wide side of a dual lens and approximately 4x optical zoom when mounted over the iPhone telephoto lens. Quality wide angle moments: Moment Wide 18mm Attachment Lens. In a prior version of this guide we recommended Moment’s Wide 18mm and Tele 58mm lenses, although if you’ve already purchased a spendy three-camera iPhone, shelling out $120 for another lens may feel unnecessary when your new phone likely has the wide-angle and telephoto views that these lenses were designed to allow. We found that the Criacr lenses fit with some thinner smartphone cases (such as our pick for the best iPhone case), but not with all of the thin cases we tried. As if the iPhone 12 display and close-range autofocus issues weren’t enough, users are now reporting that they encounter random lens flares when there is a bright light source in the camera-view.. Moment makes some of the best quality lenses on the market. ORDER YOUR NEW MOMENT iPHONE CASE HERE: https://geni.us/momentiphonecases Let's review every Moment Lens with the new iPhone 12 Pro Max. These lenses delivered some of the most crisp and clear images in our testing, with very little distortion and no noticeable darkening of our images’ corners, so if your smartphone doesn’t have a super-wide lens, or if you think you need a more zoomed telephoto view, these are still a great choice. Our retooled What Camera Should I Buy guide will help answer your specific questions. Erin Lodi is a freelance writer reporting on cameras and camera accessories at Wirecutter. In turn, the Moment lenses have screw threads at their base so you can just screw the appropriate lens into your Moment iPhone case. I’ve also read up on every recommended smartphone lens attachment we’ve found on the internet and considered what highly respected review sites such as TechRadar, The Phoblographer, CNET, and Fstoppers have had to say. You’ll definitely notice their weight in your hand and in your pocket—at 1.8 ounces, the wide lens weighs as much as two AA batteries—but the solid mounting system and superior optics are worth the extra weight. The 2.0 version of the Moment wide lens is larger than its predecessor, and more glass can mean more opportunity for sun flare, which we observed on occasion. A well-placed hand may suffice in lieu of a lens hood. Optimized for dual lens devices, the lens helps you achieve approximately 2x optical zoom when mounted over a single-lens camera or wide side of a dual lens and approximately 4x optical zoom when mounted over the iPhone telephoto lens. Mobile-photography and videography enthusiasts should consider higher-quality lenses that are heavier and more expensive but produce exceptional results. camera: iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone XR. Learn more. Moment’s 1.33x Anamorphic Lens gives your smartphone videos a wider cinematic look and cool lens flares. The photos aren’t always perfect, resulting in distortion, blurriness, color shifts, or all of the above, but depending on your intended use, these drawbacks may be perfectly tolerable. Sandmarc’s wide and telephoto lenses delivered sharp images with little distortion in our tests, but they can’t compete with Moment’s quality case and bayonet-style mount. They have case options from the iPhone 7 up to the iPhone 12 Pro max (and everything released in between). We’ve stuck to the same criteria we’ve applied over the five years of updating this review to sort the good from the bad: Using the above criteria, we narrowed our list of lenses to about 90 smartphone lens attachments, seven of which we included in our hands-on testing for the late-2020 update of this guide. If you’re ready to invest further in mobile photography, Moment offers more accessories than any of its competitors, from two- and four-lens carrying cases to wrist and neck straps to cases that include a shutter button with half-press functionality when paired with the Moment app. The lenses attach to the Moment case using a bayonet mount, similar to how a lens attaches to a DSLR. Capture your moment with the only mobile photography lens kit with a case attachment & clip mount. Olloclip’s larger Super-Wide Pro Lens and Telephoto Pro Lens also use the same clip attachment that slides over the top of your phone but can’t work with a case. Each of the three lenses, which includes a 15x macro lens and a 180-degree fish-eye lens, can be securely stored inside a three-compartment carrying case with a wrist strap. Kodak has entered the smartphone lens arena with a set of clip-on lenses and other accessories, but in an already oversaturated marketplace filled with such attachments, we think the Ciacr set is a better choice with reliable image quality for the price and the bonus storage/carrying case. ... moment case iphone 12 … In dual- or multi-lens iPhone models, the lenses mount either over both lenses, the primary lens only, or over compatible lenses, depending on the iPhone model. Sirui doesn’t yet offer a case for the newest iPhones (such as the iPhone XS we used in our testing), but it does have one for the iPhone X, and some reviewers say Sirui lenses fit the Moment case. Lemuro offers a stylish take on a smartphone lens system, with a wider array of cute cases than you’ll find from most of the competition. Moment’s durable case is a smooth and effective mounting system for our recommended lenses. iPhone lens and accessory manufacturer Moment has launched a new collection of mounts that make use of the magnet embedded in the Apple iPhone 12 to attach to the phone. The company also make an anamorphic lens for those who want to use their iPhone … In fact, it gives a 50° wider field of view than the ultrawide lens on the iPhone 11. A way to work around this is to use the Moment Camera App. If you’d like to share these lenses between a couple of phones or tablets in your household, this versatile kit works with quite a few different devices. © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company. This cell phone lens works less than an inch away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and living things that our phones were never before capable of seeing. The Moment Tele 58mm Lens gets you closer for tighter, crisper shots without using the digital zoom. Moment’s 1.33x Anamorphic Lens can give your smartphone videos, and photos, a more cinematic appearance with sexy horizontal flares—something that even the latest three-camera iPhone can’t do yet. As this is a modular system, you'll also be able to replace lens mounts on the aforementioned Moment … Currently, Moment sells two fisheye lenses, a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens, and a macro lens. Moment, the company that manufactures external lenses, apps and accessories for smartphones, is taking full advantage of the iPhone 12’s MagSafe technology. When you’re searching online, you can find a lot of cheap lens-attachment options, many of which continue to be best sellers on Amazon. Moment, known for its lineup of camera lenses and accessories for Apple's iPhones, today announced the launch of a new series of MagSafe cases and mounts designed for the iPhone 12 … Moment is known for the production of lenses, apps, cases, and camera-centric accessories for cell phones. (Moment also sells an aluminium lens mount frame that screws over just the top part of your phone, but we think the case offers better protection for your phone and will keep the lens from being jostled as well.). Moment Fisheye Lens - 14mm 170º Attachment Lens for iPhone Pixel Galaxy Phones. I have some of their lenses. As with most small tech gear, you can find several companies selling what appear to be identical products on Amazon. The iPhone SE turned heads earlier this year at a … When you’re done with the shot, you can unscrew the lens and replace it with another or just keep the case on without the lens. All of this continuing innovation is reassuring if you’re looking to invest in a system that’s changing fast. But the optics aren’t as crisp as the design aesthetics, even though this system is fairly similar to the Moment system in price. Cheaper plastic iPhone lenses, for example, are prone to defects that can distort the image. Instead, Sandmarc lenses come with a thin, hard plastic case and a screw-on mount that makes it difficult to put the lens on and take it off quickly. Soon after Apple released its iPhone 12, Moment announced their MagSafe camera accessories line for it. The Moment case feels comfortable and smooth in the hand, with enough rubbery grip on the edges to keep your phone secure. We found it to be the best in this category after testing 70 smartphone lenses over five years while traveling to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and the French countryside. Apple Begins Selling Moment Camera Lenses for iPhone Monday August 12, 2019 7:36 AM PDT by Mitchel Broussard Apple recently began selling Moment's iPhone camera lenses and … The Moment iPhone 12 drop-in Lens Mount enables you to easily attach any M-Series lens to your iPhone 12 with a Moment Case or Thin Case. Or call 1‑800‑MY‑APPLE. Using lenses such as these, you get many of the imaging capabilities of a cheap point-and-shoot camera, with the familiar interface, mobility, and connectivity of your phone. Although these items may well be the same and are likely sourced from the same original manufacturers, the brands reselling them can differ in the level of quality control and customer support they offer. You can also leave a lens attached and toss your phone into your bag or back pocket; in our testing with the newest lenses and cases, the lens stayed on and so did the lens cap. If you consider yourself more of a casual smartphone shooter, a better option might be to choose a plastic lens combo to up your Instagram game without making a larger investment. Apple’s Limited Warranty does not apply to products that are not Apple branded, even if packaged or sold with Apple products. However, you will also have to … More ways to shop: Find an Apple Store or other retailer near you. A 15x macro lens and a 180-degree fish-eye lens also come inside the clever three-compartment carrying case with a wrist strap, with the color choice of black or rose gold. From $145 at Moment. The Moment cases are so protective, stylish, and easy to use that we didn’t mind keeping them on, even when we weren’t using the lenses. FREE Shipping by Amazon. In stock on April 12, 2021. If your current case doesn’t work with the Criacr lens set, we recommend investing in a thin case to use while you’re shooting with these lens clip-ons; adding a new case is always less expensive than replacing your phone. Without getting too technical, an anamorphic lens works by squeezing more of a scene into video and stills. by Dan Frakes, Nick Guy, and Wirecutter Staff. Daven Mathies, Moment Anamorphic lens transforms your phone into a cinema camera, Digital Trends, October 29, 2018. This lens works in the same way as the Moment wide and anamorphic lenses, but gives a much wider view. You can adjust the metal lens mount by screwing it in to tighten it, but even so, it remains susceptible to being bumped out of alignment. But maybe these subtle flaws aren’t a major concern for you if you’re just looking to jazz up your Instagram story with some new angles. Designed for mobile photographers, the Drop-In Lens Mount for the iPhone 12 Pro from Moment lets you attach any of their M-Series lenses to your iPhone 12 Pro with one of their cases or thing cases. Our photo and travel teams have spent thousands of hours testing the must-haves and the nice-but-not-necessities for documenting your next adventure. I’m a photojournalist, a writer, and a professional photographer, and I have a wide range of experience researching, testing, and writing about photography trends, techniques, and tools—including in my role as mobile-imaging editor at DPReview. The awkward sliding mounting plate that you have to use to connect the lenses to the case doesn’t make sense. Pro Max’s macro lenses have a magnification power of 10x and 20x, giving you the freedom to shoot in various conditions. And we’ve asked friends with various levels of smartphone-photography prowess what they want out of such an attachment. Moment's lenses will work with the iPhone 6/6 Plus and later, Pixel, Pixel 2/XL, Samsung Galaxy S8/+ and later, and Galaxy Note 8. Each lens comes with a snug-fitting plastic lens cap, but we recommend keeping the included lens cloth with you for removing dust and smudges while you’re shooting. We’ve previously recommended Black Eye’s Pro Cinema Wide G4 as a less expensive alternative to Moment’s wide-angle lens, though we didn’t like Black Eye’s slick and hard plastic case. It’s also a signal that this is a tool for serious photography enthusiasts. The variety of testing conditions allowed us to see how the lenses perform in real life, helping us determine not just how they perform photographically but also how convenient they are for shooting on the go. As with nearly all of the lenses we tested, you can’t use your phone camera’s flash when using the Moment system, since the lens attachment covers it up. The Moment Cold Shoe Mount is a great way to mount various accessories to the back of an iPhone 12. Moment currently offers cases for a variety of Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones, in … Gets you two times closer—no need to rely on digital zoom, Moment mount interface easily attaches to Moment Photo Case (sold separately) with a simple twist-and-lock design, Made with aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses. The Criacr 3-in-1 Lens Kit is a solid choice if you’re not ready to commit to a more expensive, case-based lens accessory system and aren’t overly concerned about image quality. The initial buy-in cost of about $150 for the anamorphic lens and $40 for a case makes Moment one of the most expensive lens systems we tested. In addition to paying for the lens, you also have to purchase a case from the company—such as the Moment Photo Case we used in our testing—to use that lens. For avid smartphone shooters concerned about high-quality results and a well-designed mounting system, Moment lenses are worth the investment. Shop our collection of the best cases, lenses, chargers, mounts, and more for iPhone 12. Moment’s 1.33x Anamorphic Lens is our top choice for serious smartphone shooters, especially if you shoot a lot of video, because of its outstanding image quality paired with a superb mounting system using the company’s attractive, portable cases. The latest lenses from ShiftCam are heavier and larger than the competition and feel unbalanced when mounted to the company’s cheap plastic case. We’ve spent hundreds of hours over the past few years testing hundreds of iPhone and iPad accessories to find the best ones. After rethinking the role of add-on lenses now that so many smartphones have very wide-angle and moderate telephoto lenses, we think that Moment’s Anamorphic Lens is the best for most people. What I would rather see is a new, higher grade of lenses for the new 12 … Mounting and unmounting lenses on this case offers the smoothest and easiest experience among the lens systems we tested—you just twist the lens in or out, similar to doing so on a DSLR—and the lenses remain firmly attached. The ultra-wide lens is too wide to be able to mount lenses over it, but still works great with our phone filter mount and 67mm filters. We’ve filled our backpack with them and put them to work while hiking in the Cascade Mountains. Ztylus’s set of larger Z-Prime lenses includes a telephoto, a wide-angle, and a macro lens, plus a lens mount. The Moment Macro iPhone camera lens captures life-sized images of the smallest objects. When zooming and in various lighting situations, the phone will switch to the other lens on its own, and it's black because it's covered by the Moment lens. The original photography case maker, Moment now has a wide range of photography cases and compatible attachments to enhance iPhone imagery. Wirecutter is reader-supported. And while we still recommend Moment’s Wide 18mm Lens and Tele 58mm Lens, these may not feel as necessary if you have a newer iPhone with three built-in lenses. Lens flare from the sun or a car’s headlights extends into a long beam of light, and bokeh, the soft out-of-focus lights in a background, take on a curious oval shape, caused by We believe getting a better attachment system is worth spending a bit more. If you want to take the best images possible with an iPhone, look for lenses made with high-quality glass. We did prefer the slightly warmer tones of the gold version, but the differences are subtle. Note: Products sold through this website that do not bear the Apple brand name are serviced and supported exclusively by their manufacturers in accordance with terms and conditions packaged with the products. Made of aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses, the focal length of this lens makes nailing unique compositions a breeze. The Pro Max is compatible with dual-camera iPhones and even comes with a 3-lens version for the iPhone 11. horizontal lens elements and an ovular aperture inside the square-shaped lens. Made of aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses, this Moment lens … DESCRIPTION Telephoto, Wide, Macro and Fisheye lenses for iPhone 12. Like switching lenses on a DSLR or mirrorless camera, they can change up your perspective to be wider or more zoomed in than the fixed lens of your iPhone, or other compatible smartphone, allows. In terms of image quality, these lenses are a noticeable step down from any Moment lens, with some blurring throughout the frame. Moment’s Anamorphic Lens gives a more cinematic feel to smartphone photos and videos. We remain impressed by the sharpness of Bitplay’s wide lens, and we enjoyed the ergonomics and physical shutter button of the latest Snap case. Moment has an iPhone case with mounting points embedded in them. The Sirui 18mm Wide Angle and 60mm Portrait lenses appear to be close competitors to Moment lenses at about half the price. By creating a modular system, you can now replace lens mounts on both Moment cases and Thin cases. This combo costs nearly the same as Moment’s system, yet Bitplay doesn’t offer the same kind of longevity and product selection behind the brand and seems to be a bit behind on offering a case for the latest edition of iPhone, whereas our top pick had a compatible case for pre-order almost immediately. The lenses are significantly larger than Moment lenses, too, as they have screw-on metal lens caps that seem unnecessarily heavy. She is also a professional photographer who has made her living photographing everything from rock stars to humpback whales. Being able use to Moment Pro Camera App takes mobile photography to another level especially for the iPhone. Like most well-made lens attachments, the optics are made of glass and can be used for shooting 4k. As this is a modular system, you'll also be able to replace lens mounts on the aforementioned Moment … Like watching a movie on the big screen, images feel more dramatic. This thin case comes with a drop-in mount that allows you to connect any Moment lens or filter to your iPhone 12 Pro. When you’re not using these lenses, they’re easy to stow in a bag or pocket because each one comes with a snug-fitting lens cap to protect it from dust and scratching as well as a small drawstring microfiber bag, which can also be useful for wiping off smudges. Each lens may be stored in its own section of the three-compartment carrying case, which is about the size and weight of a bottle of vitamins. Moment’s glass lenses are heavy compared with some other smartphone lenses but easy to use. It has a slim aluminum construction, a padded contact point to … The 2x Tele 58mm Lens doubles the optical zoom of your iPhone’s lens without degrading the image quality as digital zoom can. She started her career as a photojournalist working in newspapers—shooting film—and was the mobile-imaging editor at DPReview. We loved that the Ztylus Revolver M Series Lens Kit included a wide-angle/telephoto, macro/super-macro, and fish-eye/telephoto combo in a protective phone case, but it looks like this model is now out of stock and the company isn’t offering any new versions for the Phone 11 series or any iPhone 12 models. Plastic lenses don’t deliver the superior sharpness of more expensive glass models, but they do offer a fun way to expand your phone’s photography capabilities with different focal lengths. The Moondog Labs 1.33x Anamorphic Lens with Bayonet Mount, Olloclip Fisheye/Super-Wide/Macro Essential Lenses, Moment Anamorphic lens transforms your phone into a cinema camera, The Best Accessories for Your iPhone and iPad, The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS. However, at that point, you’ve already crossed the $100 mark—and at that threshold, we would rather invest in a system like Moment’s, which has a bit more history, a more robust selection of models, and a faster response time in updating its accessories for the latest iPhones. The Criacr kit is fun and affordable, but in terms of image quality, it doesn’t stack up well against the glass optics from Moment: You’re likely to notice some blurring and distortion at the edge of the frame, and in our tests, we sometimes saw darker corners. Please contact the manufacturer directly for technical support and customer service. You can attach Moment Lenses over either the standard wide or tele lens on iPhones with dual or triple built-in lenses. The clip-on mount can be easily bumped causing further image quality problems, but these lenses are a fun and affordable way to experiment prior to committing to a more expensive setup, and they work with your front-facing selfie camera. Privacy PolicyTerms of UseSales and RefundsLegalSite Map. The Wide 18mm Lens expands your iPhone’s field of view just enough to feel like a fresh perspective (about 0.63x magnification). The iPhone 12 range has some of the best cameras you'll find on a smartphone, but you can take them a step further by attaching third-party lenses. Click to see price. Using our app will allow you to select the iPhone lens you want the camera to use and not automatically switch between the two. When screwed into the clip-on mount, each lens and clip combo is about the size of a set of keys and slips easily into a pocket when not in use. Compatible phones: Clip-on should fit most smartphones. The Criacr 3-in-1 Lens Kit set stands out from similar clip-on options because its wide lens (0.6x magnification) provides a useful field of view that goes beyond what your smartphone can capture without veering into fish-eye territory—similar to a GoPro action camera. However, these heavy lenses require a clip attachment, and in our experience, a heavy lens mounted via a clip makes the phone feel off-balance and is easy to knock off-kilter (owner reviews confirm this experience with Sirui lenses too). For comparison, the same scene with the primary camera of an iPhone 11 shows far less of the same scene.

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