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1, letter e) TV-L. Employees must first use up flexitime hours, although this does not mean that those affected must go into negative hours. This makes a significant contribution to being able to comply with the centrally important distance rules at the university. Examinations, particularly final examinations. Sliding images on the homepage and posters with the slogan "Healthy. The previously open libraries, learning rooms and PC pools will remain open. In Stuttgart this is the Ausländerbehörde or Bürgerbüro [de]. There are changes in the following areas: The updated Corona guidelines for for study programs in summer semester 2020 (Version 2.1) now contain a chapter on the habilitation examinations. The directors of these facilities and institutions must activate their emergency planning. The costs are to be financed from the project or other travel and excursion funds earmarked for the trip. In particular, this includes practical laboratory lessons, practical lessons in apprenticeships that require patient contact – only if the hygiene guidelines of the clinic or teaching hospital can be complied with – dissection courses and teaching events that are largely practical. All levels are welcome and different sports (such as functional training, yoga, core workout) are offered. You are not permitted to come to work until you have the corona test result. Please inform yourself. **Further details added at 4 p.m.**: The TIK has put the digital learning forum ILIAS [de] online. Please forward any contact to Reisebüro Reeg. Coronavirus Dashboard If an employee still has holidays from previous years or flexitime hours, then these can be used to provide “reasonable” alternative childcare if no other option is feasible. For example, only relatives who live in the same household should care for the child. The nursery is closed and your child is a contact person in category I. ... eingeleitete Sofortmaßnahmen der Universität Stuttgart hier finden Sie auch das aktuell verabschiedete Hygienekonzept der Uni … Students who are in Germany have to send the documents via postal mail to the Admission Office. Please remember that all advances/discounts paid in advance to the travelers for a trip not taken must also be settled via a travel expense report. In both cases please send this form completely filled out, preferably as a scan, by email to the Examination Office; alternatively you can of course send it by post to the Examination Office (address: Universität Stuttgart, Prüfungsamt, Pfaffenwaldring 5c, 70569 Stuttgart), or drop it in the letter box in front of the building. How can I recognize a potential infection? Which examination deadlines will be extended as a result of this? For web conferences and video conferences please use Webex. If you stay in Germany for more than 90 days you are required to register at the residents’ registrations office in your place of residence within 14 days upon arrival. The content of the table “Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona" summarized in writing: You must inform your supervisor that you are ill and get a doctor’s note. Study and administrative fees: Currently there are no exceptions to the study and administrative fees due to the Corona crisis. Therefore ILIAS and Cisco Webex are preferably used as scalable main online tools. Please also contact them if you have any further questions. Specific recommendations can be found in the table “Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona". Even appointments that have already been arranged cannot be kept. If you struggle to pay the rent please contact your landlord to discuss a payment plan. This means: you can compile payment or acceptance of payment procedures as usual and request or confirm the relevant budgetary liabilities (factual accuracy, correct calculations, thematic authority) via e-mail. Max Planck Campus Büsnau. You can find specific recommendations in the table "Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona". The individual standard study period also applies to students who have taken a leave of absence during the summer semester 2020. The offer for employees in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg to take paid leave, either fully compensated or partially compensated, to care for children 12 years of age or under, or to care for children with a physical, mental or psychological disability, if there is no one else available to care for the children, expired on 29 May 2020 and will not be extended. More information. Up-to-date information on booking lecture halls [de] is provided online by Department 6 and TIK. The habilitation process and the evaluation of habilitation performance will be conducted by the habilitation committee, in accordance with requirements specified in the University of Stuttgart’s habilitation guidelines from September 6, 2006, altered with statutes from March 1, 2010. This is in addition to the general state Corona Guidelines from 23 June. cleaning personal, third-party companies) and close and disinfect any affected rooms. table “Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona". Please wait. The heads of the examination committees are responsible for decisions pertaining to deadline extensions for bachelor’s or master’s theses, coursework or research projects. What do I have to do if I have the coronavirus? The state government has decided that an individual standard study period applies to all students who are enrolled at university in the summer semester 2020. Hier findet ihr viele Angebote der Kultureinrichtungen in Stuttgart. The winter semester courses begin on November 2, 2020. Lending operations are also not allowed during this time. We still offer all our services (counseling and meetings by online calls) and call you back, if neccessary. Tel. Our Offer. Only the examiner, observer, keeper of the minutes and the examination candidate may be present for the exam. The University has drafted a comprehensive hygiene concept that serves to protect the health of all employees under the conditions of the pandemic: Hygiene concept Collection form for contact data Checklist for teachers for classroom lessons. According to this the following exceptions in attendance may be permitted by the Rectorate: but only if these are absolutely necessary and cannot be replaced by electronic information and communication technologies or other distance learning formats. The Institute of Space Systems . The State of Baden-Württemberg’s Corona Guidelines has deemed it necessary to ban certain people from accessing the university premises or taking part in university events. We are aware that these measures are somewhat inconvenient, but they do help to protect us. How can I find out about further developments at the university? Currently, the following regulation regarding exemption possibilities due to these closures by order of the state government is valid until April 19. For further information, please check the information on the website of the Admissions Office. The newest information can always be found in our Welcome Checklist, which is an updated version of the Welcome Guide. Hygienekonzept der Universität Stuttgart, Stand: 27. Due to the current Corona ordinance of the state of Baden-Württemberg from December 16, the library must close until January 10, 2021. Please try again from a different line (for example, landline instead of mobile phone) or at a later date, or write us an e-mail. The original document must be sent by post to the Division 4 – Personnel and Legal Affairs. If there is no positive time credit, flexibilisation days may result in a negative time credit of no more than the individual working time of one week, which must be reduced in a timely manner. Your wife/partner/housemate is therefore a contact person in category I. In accordance with this, the following exceptions are permitted: Furthermore, the Rectorate has also taken the decision to extend the following infection protection measures: On November 1, 2020, the state government updated the CoronaVO Baden-Württemberg and the supplementary CoronaVO of the Ministry of Science. If a family member, a person in your household, or someone you are close to is a contact person in category I, the university asks that you inform your supervisor. Please refer to the websites of the City of Stuttgart for further information [de]. The test can be taken five days after the arrival in Germany at the earliest. As the university has already announced, the rule banning onsite teaching will be extended. How do I access to business e-mail and set up e-mail clients? According to the Corona decree of the state government, all cancelled examinations must be made up for during the summer semester. For the period where onsite teaching is banned, certain teaching events and examinations that require your physical presence will be permitted if they have been approved by the rectorate and if such cases are covered by the exceptions listed in the MWK guidelines. Registration lists must be drawn up for visitors. These employees shall be given priority for teleworking or mobile work, as far as this is possible in the workplace. This page is continually updated. If the test is negative, you can then return to work – so generally usually after a little over a week. Special leave, unpaid. **Extension of the news of 2 p.m.** With the closure of the buildings today, March 18, 6 p.m., all buildings will be put into the so-called weekend mode. Sie dienen dem Ziel, den Studienbetrieb an der Universität Stuttgart … Please inform your suppliers, tradesmen or other persons who have to enter the building that they will contact you in advance by telephone. Will deadlines be extended for written papers, research projects and Bachelor and Master theses for students whose work has been adversely affected by the closure of computer pools, libraries, or other university facilities? As COVID-19 has been changing our everyday live, we aim at providing you as international students with additional support and information concerning your residence permit, financial support, contact persons and social activities. The university directors ask all members of the university to adhere to the new face mask rules and behave in accordance with the university campaign "Healthy. For further information, please see the FAQ on the delivery of multi-functional devices. Please be patient with any open questions and continue to inform yourself regularly on our Corona webpage as well as in C@MPUS, ILIAS [de] and on your study program websites. Dear international students, Welcome to the University of Stuttgart. All employees who are currently working in the home office should please follow them. On their new webpage “Technical Information and Communication Services (TIK)”, the Technical Services for Information and Communication (TIK) provide information on topics such as secure work in the home office including telephone, e-mail, virtual communication, VPN and network drives for employees of institutes, facilities and central administration. Online services can be opened for scientific use. This includes those operating infrastructure facilities – including laboratories and the large-scale equipment belonging to the HLRS, the DSI, the HKW, the research sewage treatment plant and similar facilities, as well as administration, the IZUS and the rectorate, the Office of the Dean and the directors of central scientific facilities. If you are unable to pay a bill, e.g. The Language Center offers 80 percent of its courses online during the summer semester. Due to the dynamically developing corona situation in Baden-Württemberg and Stuttgart, and in accordance with the Federal and state resolution from 28.10.2020, the University of Stuttgart asks all employees to work from home if possible and in consultation with their supervisor. Update vom 16. In this way, valuable collections of suggestions and solutions are created. The use of office rooms by several people if this means that the protective distances cannot be maintained must be avoided at all costs. Term papers and final theses that require the use of a special laboratory or workspace at the university. The Staff Council has approved the regulation on the extension of working hours. Please also mind our entry and quarantine restrictions. More detailed information about the extension of onsite university operations and about the exceptions to this rule in terms of teaching events and examinations, which may be conducted subject to approval by special permission of the Rectorate, can be found on the corona newsfeed and in the relevant FAQs. Beachten Sie für allgemeine Informationen der Universität zur Corona-Situation bitte auch den News-Ticker unter The examiners themselves are generally responsible for extending the deadlines for term papers or seminar papers, unless the examination regulations state that the Head of the Examination Committee is responsible. High-risk groups, such as grandparents should not be involved in childcare. All supervisors should continue urging their employees to work from home. The use of Home Office is an important component for the protection of employees during increased presence in the current corona pandemic. Corona Guidelines from the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts. The statutory rest and maximum working times, etc. What do I have to do if someone in my household has coronavirus or suspects that they have it? For civil servants who have to look after close relatives in need of care because a full- or part-time inpatient care facility was closed due to the spread of COVID-19, or where a full-time home care worker is no longer available due to the spread of COVID-19, the regulations on childcare apply accordingly. Information from the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Finance about handling the corona virus situation in accordance with § 56 para. The daily creditable working time is extended to Monday to Saturday, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. You are responsible for finding out whether the responsible state or district test centers offer free testing in such cases. We are currently unable to say when viewings with a larger number of participants will be possible in the future. Travel preparation and cancellation fees can be claimed using the usual form via the travel expenses office. Nevertheless, the days off should be used for rest and relaxation - even in these times we should try to simply switch off for a certain time (as far as this is possible). The affected institute/facility must prepare an acceptance arrangement. You will also find a distribution address on the website where researchers can obtain (open access) specialist information on corona viruses. Information on the transition from Bachelor's to Master's programs, even if exams are still missing due to Corona, and on the application deadlines for the winter semester 2020/21 are also updated in our FAQs. Wintersemester 2020/21. We will certainly have to make some improvements and improvise in the coming weeks. websites of the City of Stuttgart for further information, FAQ on the delivery of multi-functional devices, FAQ New Regulation of budgetary responsibilities, enrolment, fees, contributions and orientation internships for student teachers, new webpage “Technical Information and Communication Services (TIK)”, guidelines from the Robert Koch Institute, Closure of day care facilities and schools, section "How do I cancel business trips? The contract must be also be sent simultaneously by post. Members of the public may only enter university buildings and facilities if they have an important reason. We therefore urge you to visit our corona website of the Universität Stuttgart at regular intervals. 1a IfSG. An official closure does not include the closure of daycare facilities or schools during the school holidays, or on public holidays when they would have been closed anyway. I'm currently not in Germany. The Rectorate has updated the Corona guidelines for study programs in summer semester 2020. This applies to children of twelve years of age and under, or disabled children that require special care. Die Stuttgarter Hochschulen verzeichnen bei ihren Erstsemestern auch in Corona-Zeiten volle Studiengänge – trotz leerer Hörsäle. You must show a valid visa and a proof of an urgent reason to enter Germany. Students who have registered for an examination may only participate if none of the above points apply to them, and to whom the access ban does thus not apply. These were due to remain in effect until December 1, 2020 and have now been extended. It must first be investigated whether it might be possible to host events in currently empty auditoriums and seminar rooms, as long as it is possible to comply with the Corona Ordinance of the state Baden-Württemberg and the University of Stuttgart’s hygiene concept. The email must include: the name of the affected person, date the illness was determined and the residence of the ill person. What do I have to consider when reporting to my supervisor that I am sick? For further information please visit the, The guidlines that are published in on the, In order to break the chain of infection and to give parents the chance to care for their children at home now that all schools and daycare facilities have closed, we strongly recommend that all managers and supervisors ask their staff to. The declaration of consent [de] form provided by the university must be used for this purpose. Harter Lockdown Wegen steigender Corona-Zahlen gilt in ganz Deutschland seit Mittwoch, 16. Detailed information about the formalities can be found in the, Complete the formalities regarding health insurance, residence registration and enrollment at the university. Please check that the scan or photograph is readable before you send it. Your supervisor must inform the Director of D4 of a suspected corona case using the functional email address corona-info@uni-stuttgart. The only exception to this rule is delivery appointments that have already been agreed. Please read this. Please note the extended enrollment deadline for Master’s programs: Please remember to update your address in the C@MPUS portal to your German address. Please contact the Examination Office. The University of Stuttgart has issued the SARS-CoV-2 hygiene concept. Am I allowed to travel to a country/region where a travel warning has been issued? All changes to the previous version can be found clearly in the change history starting on page 2. Please mind our FAQ section for any further questions. If an extension is not possible you will need to apply for a new entry visa at the German mission nearest to you (once it is possible). Your supervisor will insist that you to work from home for 14 days. Where can international students find information on the current situation? Oral and written examinations may be conducted onsite, in accordance with chapter IV of the Corona Guidelines for University Operations in the winter semester 2020/21 at the University of Stuttgart. People in these two groups are not required to go into quarantine or take a test at the University of Stuttgart. I'm currently in Germany and I applied for an extension of my residence permit before the lockdown but have not received it yet. An exception to this rule is the oral state examinations for student teachers wishing to teach at high-school level. 1. There has been decided to postpone the alternative examinations for one week. The following documents will be helpful: The University of Stuttgart is not in the position to give a recommendation regarding entry in Germany. Written exams, if they have already been scheduled for November, Student research projects and final theses that require the use of special laboratory or work rooms at the University of Stuttgart. You supervisor must then inform the Director of D4 using the functional email address When can I work from home and when should I get a doctor’s note? STUBE is a short form for the German word “Studienbegleitprogramm” and is an offer for students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The Corona Guideline BW state that the participation in permitted university events, including taking exams and preparing for exams, are only considered to be a good reason to leave the house between 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. A link to the current version of the Corona Guideline BW and the Corona Guidelines for University Operations MWK has been posted in the corona newsfeed. Please inform yourself about the person in charge and send an e-mail to the responsible colleague. Guidelines for written examinations, V1/30.04.2020, General risk assessments in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Specialist (online) shops selling protective equipment, sample risk assessment and process description for practical courses, hygiene concept for the University of Stuttgart, special paid leave for parents who need to care for their children (, enrollment, student status, fees and contributions, SARS-CoV-2 work safety standards by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS), Information on conducting oral examinations via video conference, Information especially for international students, circular mail to mark the start of the summer semester 2020, ILIAS Forum Digital Teaching in the summer semester 2020, information on accessible online teaching, websites that contain reliable information on the Corona topic in English, the replacement dates of the cancelled examinations, who may take part in the replacement examinations, re-registration when only examinations that have been cancelled due to the coronavirus have to be taken to complete the degree, Up-to-date information on booking lecture halls [de], General information on lecture recording with Opencast [de], information on how to register for a thesis in cases where the required ECTS credits have not yet been achieved due to corona cancellations of examinations, Corona-Decree of the Federal State Government of Baden-Württemberg [de], guidelines and regulations for the secure working mobile and from home [de], Enrollment for Master’s study programs in the case of conditional admission, Refund of fees in the case of unenrollment for up to one month after the beginning of the lecture period. It is also not necessary to use disposable rubber gloves if you wash your hands regularly. The employee must offer proof of reasons for personal hardship and that no other alternative childcare arrangements can be made. March 16, 4 p.m.: Events cancelled until April 19. working from home), the form specifications, particularly in terms of budgeting policies, are fulfilled when the official responsibilities (factual accuracy, correct calculations, thematic authority) are documented via email. Your student ID will be sent out via postal mail, but only to a German address. Please be aware that all centrally organized examination dates currently listed in C@MPUS, are not the finalized examination dates. Work from home must be coordinated with the supervisors and must be approved by them. The institute libraries will remain closed. Tel. Exceptions are only possible if there are other equivalent protective measures, such as suitable Plexiglas dividers. In addition to the formalities described on our website, we ask you to observe the federal travel restrictions and the state government's quarantine regulations. Lecture period starts on April 20, 2020! For students studying a bachelor’s study program at the University of Stuttgart, who also wish to enroll for a master’s study program at the University of Stuttgart, the number of preferable master's modules regulated in the bachelor's examination regulations will be increased. Your supervisor must determine whether any colleagues of the affected person are contact persons in category I or category II, and whether the colleagues in categories I and II must be sent home. If you want to study with less stress or optimize your learning techniques, take advantage of the learning counseling services. The University of Stuttgart’s Code of Practice from December 18, 2006, altered with statutes from April 9, 2020, applies to the habilitation process. Username: ac*****; Passwort: Ihr persönliches Passwort Um eine unnötige Datenlast zu vermeiden, bitten wir davon abzusehen, Videos o.ä. Cooperative Promotion College Digital Media. The relevant provision was also supplemented in the 2011 and 2016 doctoral regulations by the Articles of Association dated May 6, 2020 [de]. When does the lecture period actually begin for the summer semester? In all other respects, the regulations on childcare apply accordingly, allowing work in a home office. Supervisors and employees are therefore asked to take timely coordination and vacation planning measures so that the vacation can be approved throughout the year. In its meeting of November 3, 2020, the Rectorate decided that the events listed below in accordance with § 1a (8) CoronaVO BW in conjunction with § 1a Abs. If you have further questions, please contact your study-management at all times. The most important point in the new guidelines is that a. STUBE invites you to interesting seminars on global issues, currently in a webinar form. In manchen Fällen wie z.B. Patients with mild respiratory illnesses are not required to go to the doctor’s practice to get a doctor’s note in person. Website der Universität Stuttgart. Zahlreiche Formulare finden Sie direkt in C@MPUS. Regardless of when the viewing takes place, the examiner is permitted to improve the grade in retrospect, if it becomes clear during viewings of the graded papers, that mistakes have been made by those correcting the papers. In general, it is possible for you to come to work at the university if your supervisor is informed and has agreed. How can I submit my enrollment documents? To do this, please use the new central email address for corona questions: The room key can only be handed over to you in person. The appendix "Declaration relating to regulations governing access to university buildings for external visitors (due to the corona situation)" to point 11 of the hygiene concept. Your supervisor must inform the Director of D4 of a suspected Corona case using the functional email address corona-info@uni-stuttgart. Such leave cannot be refused for work-related reasons.

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